Discover Your Career Path!

Think Big for Kids is dedicated to helping teens discover their potential by bringing them exciting opportunities for career exploration, mentorship and skills development. Our mission is to introduce students from 6th to 12th grade to career opportunities and assist them in achieving post-graduation goals for employment. By keeping kids engaged in their early teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs, Think Big can introduce different careers, industries, and companies, identify general interests and begin to shape individualized career tracks. Our focus is on educational preparedness whether students plan to attend a trade school, college, or go directly to work. The three pillars of the Think Big program include:

Career Exploration – Volunteers present sessions at the Clubs for middle schoolers in 6 – 8th grades, focusing on career options within their organizations that allow hands-on learning, discussions, and experiences about different jobs. This pillar also includes Skill-Building Workshops, field trips, and summer programming.

Mentoring Program – Teens are offered a mentor beginning in the 9th grade all the way through high school to help navigate their career development plans.

Job Readiness and Placement – High school-aged teens are able to participate in Job Readiness Workshops and gain opportunities for internships, scholarships, and job shadow days.