Wimauma Club at Bethune Park: Sustainability Story

Wimauma Club at Bethune Park is one of the few buildings in the Wimauma area to pursue and achieve the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification. LEED is the mostly widely used green building standard in the world and helped guide the sustainable design of the Boys and Girls Wimauma Club.

LEED raises the bar for a holistically built, environmentally conscious building. The REAL Building Consultants approach is to deliver a responsible, efficient and healthy building that will promote a high-quality environment for the occupants and those that engage with the Wimauma Club. All decisions were evaluated through the lens of cost-effective approaches that meet budgetary goals, while taking into account the long-term operational cost savings and positive human health impacts of green buildings.

Sustainable Site

This building has preferred parking spaces devoted to low emitting vehicles and carpool vehicles. This helps encourage sustainable behavior choices. Additionally, the light color of the roof and pavement helps reflect the sun’s heat, which can save energy from reduced cooling needs on the inside of the building. On top of this, all of the plantings are native and adapted to reduce, and even eliminate, the need for irrigation.

Water Efficiency

The plumbing fixtures in this building use less water than standard fixtures. It has been calculated that this building over 33% less water than a conventional building!

Energy Efficiency

This building is estimated to use over 25% less energy than a conventionally designed code-compliant building. These energy savings were achieved through different strategies such as enhanced insulation, efficient lighting, and an efficient HVAC system.

Materials and Resources

At Boys & Girls Club, we recycle! Not only do we recycle in the building, but during the construction of the Boys and Girls Club, a stringent Waste Management Program was put in place to ensure that all materials that are recyclable were recycled correctly. Over 89% of the waste created during the construction process was diverted from the landfill.

Indoor Environmental Quality

All of the building materials installed in this space have been tested to make sure they don’t emit harmful gasses called VOCs – no new paint smells here!