Alexander Hooper

Age: 18

School: Howard Blake High School

Club:  Liberty Mompierre

Member since: March 2011

Favorite / Extracurricular Activities:

Attending the Boys & Girls Club, Dancing, Film, and Acting

Which programs are his/her favorite and why?

Alex likes the Keystone Program because it gives him the chance to be a role model to his peers and it also gives him the opportunity to give back to his community and to travel.  Another favorite for Alex is the summer work experience program because it gives him the chance to enhance his public social skills and gain experience in the work force.

What does this teen aspire to be when he/she grows up and why?

He would like to attend the University of Advanced Technology in Arizona so that he may become a successful producer.  He would like to be a producer due to his wonderful imagination and talent.

How has this teen served as a role model to his/her peers in the Club?

Alex has given back to his community through community service. He assists his peers in the summer work experience program and he helps our younger members with homework and our staff with programming.

What have been some challenges that this teen has overcome since being a Club Member?

When Alex first started he was impatient and rude towards others, but him being a Member of the Club has changed him for the better. He has overcome his anger issues and has become a much better person with goals and determination.

Why is the Club important to this teen?

The Club is important to Alex because he has a positive place to go instead of him sitting home being inactive.  He has also learned from positive role models to be more patient and more forgiving to others. Alex tells us everyday how appreciative he is to have Liberty Mompierre Boys & Girls Club in his neighborhood.