The Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay is proud to be celebrating 35 years of service to young women!

The GirlUp Campaign will focus on encouraging and empowering young girls in our Clubs to prepare for the transition from being Great Girls to Great Women. It will recognize and build awareness around the transformational experiences we are providing these young women so that they leave us as innovators, leaders, and doers.

What does it mean to “GirlUp”? GirlUp follows a similar model of Proctor & Gambles “Like a Girl” Campaign that was unveiled in 2013. While “Like a Girl” combatted an antiquated expression that was often disempowering, “GirlUp” plays off of the familiar expression “Man Up”.

To “man up” essentially means to fulfill your responsibilities despite your insecurities or challenges. Therefore, to “GirlUp” is a call to action to all of the girls and young women in our Clubs to be leaders in their community, inspire positive change within themselves and others, and serve as role models to their peers, siblings, and fellow Club Members.

We invite you to join our efforts at ensuring Great Futures for Great Girls across Tampa Bay!
Your support of the GirlUp Campaign will give us the power to transform the lives of the more than 7,400 young women currently served in our Clubs and the thousands more that need OUR help. From enhancing targeted programs like SMART Girls to providing scholarships for young ladies with big dreams, your gift towards GirlUp has endless possibilities.

Make a contribution towards GirlUp and help our Great Girls become Great Women!